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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Icy Kool Aid Finger Paint

Since it's been so hot and Bea's been asking to paint I decided to do a twist on our usual painting.  I recently came across this Chilled Out Kool Aid paint post by Growing a Jeweled Rose.

Ours was a little more liquid than theirs, but I think that might be because my portions were larger.  Next time I'll split them up into more containers.  However, Bea and Charlie still loved the fact that they were "cold finger paints".  They both began painting immediately and a few minutes later Bea, who hates getting her hands dirty usually, had both hands in the paint and was soon mixing and painting.  And of course Charlie soon followed.  

By the time they had finished both were covered head to toe in paint, but the good news is that everything wiped off of them easily and the clothes came out of the dryer looking like nothing had ever been on them! 

We'll definitely do this one again soon!


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