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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Charlie, 8 months

Time is flying by right now.  It feels like I just posted about what Charlie's doing at 7 months and here his 8 month birthday has just passed.

Charlie is still the happiest baby.  Nothing makes him laugh like his big sister and he can't get enough of peek-a-boo.  Usually we play after his nightly bath and he uses his towel to cover his eyes until I ask "where's Charlie?".

He hasn't started crawling on all fours yet but army crawls everywhere.  And there's nothing he isn't into right now.  It's like he's been scoping out the house for months and now he's on a mission to grab and see everything.

And in true boy fashion he gravitates towards the normal suspects.  He absolutely loves balls and banging anything that makes noise.

He now has four teeth (two top and two bottom) and is still eating really well, as well as really messy.  We've taken to feeding him only in a diaper (classy, i know) because he gets food everywhere.  This past week he decided to blow raspberries every time I would place a spoonful of food into his mouth.

Thankfully his sleeping habits are back to normal.  No more 45 minute crying sessions at bedtime.  I'm hoping that was just connected to teething.  But it does seem we have an early riser.  He usually goes to bed around 8pm and pretty much always wakes up at 5am.  He will nurse and go back to sleep but at that point we're usually awake.

We're also taking trip number 2 in a few days and this time I'll be flying alone with both Bea and Charlie.  Fingers crossed all goes well!!


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