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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Beatrice, 30 months

This update is almost two weeks late but I'm a little behind since we've been visiting your 'Meatball and PawPaw' in Missouri.

It's hard to believe you're already 2 1/2.  You've become such a little lady.  You love to carry purses and backpacks and will take as many as I'll allow when we leave the house.  Currently your Dora backpack and a clear and green striped tote bag are your favorites.  And you fill them with all of the necessities, coloring book, crayons, sunglasses, and cell phone.

The other thing you love as much, if not more, than your purses are your babies.  There's Super baby, New baby,  Baby doll, Dora, Dora doll, and Ballerina.  Every night you tuck them in under special blankie and at least one will go with us on outings.

You also seem to be going through a dress phase.  Every morning when asked what you want to wear you respond, 'a cute dress with bloomies'.  If only I would've known this at the beginning of the summer I wouldn't have stocked up on tanks and t-shirts!  Size wise you can wear a 2T but it's usually a little big.  In shorts and skirts (when I can talk you into them) you're an 18 months.

Food wise you continue to be picky but you will at least try everything on your plate.  Fruit is a huge favorite, which is good, as is 'yogurt juice' (kefir) right now.  You've also surprised me by loving, and requesting frequently, tofu.

You continue to be a great sleeper, still taking one nap in the afternoon (for about 2 hours) and sleeping most nights until 7am.

Most of all you are such a funny and engaging little girl.  You love to make your little brother laugh, you love to read, you've found a new obsession in Max & Ruby, and you love to pretend play.  We've spent the past 3 weeks in Missouri and you've had such fun that I'm going to hate it when we have to leave.  But preschool starts next month and I can't wait to see what that brings!


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