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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Our Long Weekend

Today has been nothing but rain, courtesy of Hurricane Lee, but our Labor Day weekend was so beautiful!  Since we've only just moved we spent a quiet weekend playing at the park and doing home improvements.  First up, Bea's room.  With Baby No. 2's arrival about 10 weeks away it's really important to me to have both Bea's room and the new baby room ready.  So, we, well T, painted Bea's room this weekend.  Inspired by Eleanore's room over at Making it Lovely, we chose the Benjamin Moore color Wild Aster.

And here's Bea's room, obviously just painted and still in progress:

Bea's room, in progress

When we first painted the tester swatches on the wall I was concerned that this color had too much white in it.  It really looked white with a hint of pink/purple and I almost went with a darker pink.  I'm so glad I didn't!  Once everything was painted the shade was much more what I had envisioned and I'm so happy with how the room turned out.  We painted everything but the closet, mainly because I love this idea and am thinking something like it might be cute for Bea:

I don't know that her closet would make a good reading nook, it's not quiet as deep as this one, but I love the potato stamping and the shelves (my main source of inspiration).  

Other than this Monday project, here's a few pictures of Bea from the weekend.

As you can see, she loves her ice cream!  

Have a wonderful week!


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