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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Zara Online Arrives!

I just realized that Zara is now online for US shoppers.  Since I'm not really into buying things for a 7 1/2 month pregnant woman right now (me) I'm focusing all of my fall shopping on Bea.  We've had a cool and rainy few days here and that started me thinking about what we need for fall.  I really don't want a repeat of last year, which is I wait until we're well into fall and then can't find anything that I want and go on to obsess over tiny little details (like those pair of faux shearling boots that I missed out on).  So, I'm trying to be proactive and plan ahead this year.  We've already purchased an adorable Patagonia "sweater", it's really a winter jacket:

Patagonia Baby Down Sweater

I actually found a purple one on Ebay, Bea had a pink coat last year and I wanted something a little different, because I have an odd feeling last year's will still fit (at least for the beginning of the winter).  T actually brought this up and I nonchalantly said, "Oh, I don't think that will fit her this year".  I feel a little bad, because I'm pretty sure it will, but these coats are so cute and I wanted one last year and never got around to buying one.

But check out this cute coat from Zara:

Love!  I wish they had it in my size (although I'm not really into the Mommy & Me dressing alike thing).  And as a side note can I add how much I like that their "View All" option doesn't take you back to the top of the page, but continues from where you are.  I mean, come on, every website should do this.  Anyway, back to the subject.  Here are a few other pieces that I love for Bea for this fall season:





Everything is available at Zara.

Happy Shopping!


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