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Monday, June 18, 2012

Charlie, 7 months

Charlie turned 7 months old on the 12th and what a busy month it's been!  It seems like he's changed so much in the last two months.  Going from only being able to sit for a few seconds to army crawling everywhere, much to the dismay of Bea.  With his new found mobility he's also found that his sister's toys (which were previously out of reach) are just as fun, if not more, than his.  I feel like this is just the beginning of us hearing "No Charlie!  Charlie has my x, y, z..." oh well, it's to be expected.

This is literally the happiest baby I've ever seen.  He will laugh like crazy when you tickle him, when Bea dances for him, when you make funny faces or dance, pretty much anytime.  And he's such a cuddle baby.  He loves nothing more than to nap next to mommy and daddy.

We started solid foods a little earlier with Charlie so he's already had quite the variety of foods.  So far the only dislike has been green beans (and it was only once).  He loves cherries, strawberries, avocado, and yogurt and we're adding new foods everyday.

He also took his first cross country flight last week.  He's at that awkward flying age where all he wants to do is be on the floor moving around so it wasn't the most relaxing flight but all in all it went well.

We're also having a sleeping set back, unfortunately.  Up until a few weeks ago Charlie would nap 2+ hours every afternoon, the same time as Bea, which meant that I had 2+ hours to do things around the house (or catch up on shows).  For some reason he's refusing to nap unless I'm lying beside him and going to bed at night has turned into a 45 minute ordeal of crying, rocking more, crying, etc.  I'm hoping that this is related to teething (so far we have 2 bottom teeth and I can see a top tooth coming in) because I felt so lucky to have such a good sleeper!

I can't wait to see what the next month brings!


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