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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Oakland Zoo

Yesterday morning we took our much anticipated trip to the Oakland Zoo.  Back in March we went to Turtleback Zoo near us in South Orange and Bea had a wonderful time.  So Bea's grandmother (Gray, as Bea calls her) planned a day to check out the Oakland Zoo while we're in California.

We decided to rent Bea one of the "special" zoo strollers so she could easily get in and out and see the animals.

We managed to see almost everything:  bunnies, alligators, macaws, giraffes, lemurs, tortoises, we really tried to fit in as much as possible in the few hours we had.

The children's area had a few playground pieces and Bea loved this slide.

This sign had me a bit confused though

What I'm wondering is where the half hog exhibit is.....

After lunch and a train ride we picked up a few new friends to remember the day and headed home.

This was about 5 minutes after leaving the zoo.


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