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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mini Meals-Lunch for Bea

Each Wednesday I've been linking up on Lauren's blog, with two cats, for her Mini Meals posts.  I love that she's doing this, it's given me a ton of great ideas to (hopefully) get out of our chicken nugget and pb&j rut.

The latest meal I'm posting is a lunch meal for Bea.  Here we have falafel from Trader Joe's, pita chips (I toasted pita in the oven), red pepper hummus, cherry tomatoes and celery, and strawberries.  For a child who refuses to eat her veggies Bea ate a ton of falafel.  I'm suspecting she didn't know it was full of veggies.  Whatever it takes, right?

A few other things that I've found work for us are limiting snacks and allowing Bea to help me prepare meals. It occurred to me a few weeks ago that maybe I had been offering up to much during snack time and she was filling up and that's why she wouldn't eat.  So I pretty much stopped the pretzel goldfish snacking.  Now if we have a morning snack it's something like dried apricots, and just a couple.  I've already noticed a huge difference in her during meal times.  And of course if she tells me she's hungry I offer her something to eat but for the most part she hasn't.

Also, a few weeks ago I had her help me make chocolate zucchini bread and since then every time I walk near the kitchen she comes running from the other room screaming 'I help mommy'.  She has a little step stool from Ikea and we pull it over next to me and she watches as I cut things, she assists in throwing things in the trash, and she loves to stir and pour.  As a bonus I've also noticed that she's started trying things while we're cooking that she wouldn't touch before.  Like salmon cakes, mushrooms, and peppers.

Fingers crossed this isn't just a phase!


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