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Monday, March 12, 2012

Registering for Baby-Extras

As I began typing up the post for this weeks 'Registering with Baby' series I realized that I've left out a few things in both the Diapering and Feeding posts that I wanted to address.  So, I'll take care of that today and next Monday will be back with another 'Registering for Baby'.  

First, I'm not really sure how I failed to mention a diaper pail in my diapering post.  I'm going to blame it on Mommy Brain, as I do most things these days.  

I feel like I've been reading a lot about diaper pails lately and it seems that people are really for them or REALLY against them.  We actually didn't have a diaper pail with Bea.  Since we were in a small one bedroom apt we really only had one trash can (other than our bathroom) and so we emptied it (usually) once a day.  Maybe this is why I never felt the need to buy one, because we didn't have diapers lingering.  At any rate the minute we moved into our house in July I promptly went out and purchased the Diaper Genie Elite II:

We've been very happy with this system.  It holds a ton of diapers, there's no smell, and it's easy to change the bags.  

The next thing I noticed I failed to touch on is something I use every single day.  The ever so exciting nursing pad.  I've tried both disposable and washable and while the washable are fine I personally prefer the disposable ones from Lansinoh.

They are thin and have adhesive so they stick well to your bra or cami and aren't always sliding around.  I also really like their nipple cream.

This product was a lifesaver for me in the first few weeks with both babies.  You really don't know how much of a relief it is when you're sore and cracked to have something that will help.  Buy this early and make sure it's in your bag for the hospital!  

There you have it, the few things that I left out.  If there's anything else in the diaper/feeding realm that you have a question about, let me know!


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