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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Recent Finds

I, like a lot of people out there, love going to flea markets and thrift stores.  Before having Bea and Charlie I was obsessed with collecting vintage dishes.  In fact, I have boxes and boxes of them stored in our basement (with hopes of someday having the space/furniture to display them).

Since having kids, in addition to searching for dishes, I now search for toys, books, basically anything that I think they (or, let's be honest, I) might like.  But between moving to the suburbs and having Charlie I haven't gotten the chance to check out our local markets and stores.  And somehow I think with two small ones I won't be going as often as I would like.  However, I have found a great resource in our local Mothers & More group.  The things I've found aren't vintage but are usually very gently used (pretty much everything I've gotten looks as if it hasn't been touched) and I've found some great toys at a fraction of the price.  Yesterday we went to pick up these

The Eeboo matching game is for Bea.  Right now it's a little old for her (it's 3+) but we've been playing a modified version, which she loves.  The snail and cars I picked out for Charlie, but Bea has already claimed them as her own.  I guess that's part of being the second born!

The cars are what actually caught my eye initially.  I'm thinking of doing something like this for Charlie's room

I have a long way to go but I think this idea is such a cute one.


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