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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Tuesday that feels like a Monday

Even after a long holiday weekend today definitely felt like a Monday.  We were invited to a play group this morning but both Bea and Charlie have a little cough and runny nose so I didn't want them to pass it along to anyone else.  Instead we walked down to our little town center, grabbed a Starbucks, and indulged in Bea's favorite thing there, sitting on the bench.

And, since it was so hot Bea decided to bring along her own ice cream.

In addition to "looking for people we know" she also loves to smell/look at/throw the flowers.

After nap time it was still a million degrees outside so I decided to keep them in for the afternoon.

Isn't this the picture of hot and sweaty!

So, Bea worked on a sprinkle/marker concoction and Charlie enjoyed the new jumparoo loaned to us.

Now it's storming so hopefully this humidity will be a thing of the past tomorrow.  I can't take upper 80's and humid at the end of May!


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