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Monday, January 30, 2012

Taking Flight

Friday is a big day for our family.  The first time we're flying with both kids.  Up until I was about 5 months pregnant we flew quite a bit with Bea.  Her first trip was at 4 months to San Diego followed by an 8 hour drive up to the Bay Area a few days later.  She's always been a pretty good flier.  It was definitely easier before she could crawl and then walk, but she still surprised me at how well she handled it all.

Bea's first flight

It's been awhile since our last flight so this time I'm going in prepared (at least I hope so).  I've been doing my research online and have come up with several things to (fingers crossed) keep her occupied.  The first thing I'm doing are making several toddler activity bags.  This is another project I found on the blogs Chasing Cheerios and The Rigney's through Pinterest.  For this trip I'm doing felt boards, matching color shades, stickers, crayons/markers and paper.  

Shapes Felt Board 
 Face Felt Board
Matching Colors

We're also adding in some downloaded episodes of Sesame Street, an Aquadoodle that Bea received for her second birthday (thank you Isabel and Theo!), and plenty of snacks.  This should be enough to take us through the two flights and one layover that we have.  


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