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Monday, February 27, 2012

Registering for Baby-Part 1, Diapering

One of my good friends, Jenny (from ILOVEAGOOD), is pregnant with her first child and she asked if I would help her create her registry.  Since I've prepped for a baby twice now I feel like I have pretty strong opinions on things.  I'm also the type of person who likes to read reviews but ultimately try things out for myself so I can form my own opinion.  And the more I can try the better.  I blame this on my years as an editor, we would look at hundreds of items before choosing the things for our pages.  As we were combing through the onesies, strollers, and swings Jenny suggested that I do a series on registering.  I'm starting off with Diapering and each week I'll add a new part, so stay tuned!  And please feel free to let me know if there's anything I've overlooked or that you find you can't live without!!


Probably the thing you will use the most of during the first few years of your little ones life.  After much debate I decided on the disposable route for both of my kiddos.  With Bea I never even considered cloth diapering (no particular reason, I honestly just didn't even think about it) and with Charlie I really took into consideration the pros of cloth diapering (money being the driving factor).  In the end we chose to stick with disposables.  My go to diaper for newborns is Pampers Swaddlers

I've tried most of the major brands and this is hands down my favorite.  I find that it not only contains the most (which you'll appreciate for the blow outs!) but there's also a line indicator that turns from yellow to blue when your little one is wet.  I'm also a big fan of Amazon Mom, it's a subscribe and save service from Amazon that allows you to set up monthly (or any schedule of your choosing) deliveries for diapers, wipes, etc and offers you a discount for doing so.

If you decide that cloth is the way you want to go I would suggest bum Genius.  I found this post from Young House Love to answer any and every question I had regarding cloth diapering too.

In addition to diapers you'll need to choose wipes.  In the first few weeks you'll want to stay away from traditional wipes (babies skin is too sensitive).  I had no idea about this until my friend Nicola told me right before Bea was born.  She suggested using Viva paper towels and that's what we went with for both of our kids.  They are super soft and super thick.  

After about a month you can switch to regular wipes.  Again, I've tried all of them at one point or another and I keep coming back to two brands, Seventh Generation and Target's Up & Up brand.

I use them pretty equally, it's just a matter of which I have on hand (the Seventh Generation ones I order off of Amazon Mom as well).  As a bonus I use the Seventh Generation to clean faces with as well, since there are no harsh chemicals or chlorine.  

On to diaper cream.  This is another category that I feel like I've tried a fair number of choices out there.  For day diaper cream (granted, most people probably don't divide up diaper cream, but I'll explain my reasons shortly) we use California Baby Diaper Cream.  It has a wonderful subtle smell to it and isn't so thick that it's stuck to their bum all day (reason number 1 for a "daytime" diaper cream).  

For nighttime diapering I prefer something that's thicker and so we go with Aquaphor.  I've also used Burt's Bees which is great as well.  

Stay tuned for additional posts in the series!


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