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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Superbowl Trip

Well, we all didn't really go to the Superbowl, just T for work.  Since Indy is about 3 hours from my sister's family we decided that it would be a fun trip.  Plus, I wouldn't be alone caring for Bea and Charlie for over a week.

Both kids did really well on the flight despite having a delay before we even left Newark.

Charlie's first flight

Charlie slept for most of our 2 flights and Bea slept a little and kept busy watching Sesame Street on the iPad and playing with her packet of stickers I brought along.  I made several busy bags for her, but we didn't end up using them.  Better safe than sorry though, right?

And once we made it to my sister's she had a blast!  Here's a few pics

 Playing dress up

 Tea party

 Duck pin bowling


It was so nice to see everyone and Bea loved playing with her cousins.  The girls are finally old enough to actually play together (with minimal fighting!).  All she's talked about since we've been back are Olivia and Ella, hopefully we'll see them again soon!


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