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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Helpful Hint

I've always found it helpful when other mom bloggers pass along info that apply to my life as a mom so I thought I would start sharing a few of my own helpful hints.

My first helpful hint is how to clean bibs.  While I know this might not be life changing, I do find it extremely useful.  After struggling with fabric bibs for the first few months of solids I quickly moved over to the waterproof ones (we mainly use Bumkins).  These are so much easier to clean but one big problem is that even after a soapy wash in the sink they can start to smell.  Especially if your little one likes milk (and happens to spill some).

The most effective way I've found to deal with this is by soaking them in a bowl with equal parts distilled white vinegar and water.

I usually vary the soak time depending on what I'm doing but I would suggest at least an hour if you have the time.  After this I just rinse with water and the smells are gone!

Hope this helps!


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