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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Worst Parent Ever

You know when you do (or say) something and then immediately think, "now why on earth did I do/say that?".  Just over a week ago I had one of those moments (I probably have many more, but this one is particularly painful).  A friend of ours had told us about an amazing garage sale and since we needs tons of furniture for Bea's room and the baby's new room we arrived early to check it out.  Travis was taking Bea out of the car and I went ahead.  I walked right by a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe and thought to myself "Bea would love that, she's always enjoyed them at other kids homes" and, like an idiot, kept on walking.

I went straight to the kids clothes and picked up a ton of baby legs, still in the package (the seller evidently used to own an online store) and went over to find Bea running at full speed towards the Cozy Coupe.  She immediately opened the door, jumped in, and closed it.  Now, this would be so bad except for the couple with a much smaller little girl who were hovering over the car.  So T goes over and asks if they are going to buy it and (of course) they say yes.  Cue desperate crying and Bea yelling "No, No, No" as we had to physically remove her from the car so they could purchase it.  And the entire time I'm thinking to myself "what an idiot, I walked by, thought she would love it, and kept on walking".  The only thing I can say to justify my actions is that my pregnancy brain has gotten the better of me, but I can tell you I've thought about little else since then.  I've scoured Ebay and Craigslist for a Cozy Coupe and am shocked how few there are.  But, today we had SUCCESS!  We found one about 20 minutes away and you can see how happy Bea is.

The only crying from today was when we had to go inside and stop playing with it.  And I feel much better (although I am still kicking myself for missing out on a $4, yes, $4 toy like this).


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