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Monday, August 15, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Bea enjoying her new backyard

We finally moved and our in our new house.  The switch from Brooklyn to the burbs of New Jersey has been a little difficult but there are so many things we now enjoy, space being number 1 on my list.  Since baby no. 2 is due in about 3 1/2 months I'm feeling a ton of pressure to decorate and organize before his/her impending arrival.  First up is Bea's room.  We put up 4 paint testers yesterday in both Bea's room and the soon to be nursery.  I'd always thought that I wouldn't want pink as a main color for her room, but what do you know, I found the most adorable inspiration images over at Making it Lovely and I think I'm going to do Bea's room in pinks, oranges, and greens.

I mean, how cute is this?!  I'm going to have a hard time not copying it exactly.  

I'll make sure to post before/during/after pictures as we accomplish things!


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